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Reflection of the module and my future plan

Is it a time to say goodbye? Nope!

Digital business model is a unique and special module, creatively delivering all the teaching materials and communication online and encouraging discussions and interactions via comments. Is it a time to farewell? Not exactly! It is a proper time for me to reflect the learning journey in the course.

The reflection cycle

Chinese educator Confucius has pointed out that “Learning without reflection is waste, while reflection without learning is dangerous”. In order to facilitate my reflection on the course, I will use Gibbs (1988)’s reflective cycle model.


Description: What happened?

Initially, I was attracted by the special teaching method: reading articles and interviews, sharing my own idea online and making a comment on my colleague’s posts. I choose this module because I would like to have deeper understanding of digital world. Besides, I also want to challenge myself as I have never tried to write a blog or create a video.

My learning progress on future learn

My learning progress on the future

My first comment on “The We-media time is coming”

My second comment on “Is distance education fairer in the digital era for teachers?”

My third comment on “Language Learning in Digital Era: What makes Mobile language Learning Apps popular?”

My final comment on “Ocado – ‘the world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer'”

Feeling: How do I feel and what am I thinking

  • I am disappointing at first. I feel that my understanding of digital business model is quite restricted. Digital business model is not only about technology advance, but also refers to several aspects of work daily life. The learning help me to established an open mind towards any change in the future.
  • Later on, I feel more excite and confident. I can confidently post my idea on the forum and have a different voice. I feel a little bit proud if someone share a similar idea with me.

My comments on “Restricting the Impact of Fake News” and “attitudes to failure differ across cultures”

Evaluation: the good and the bad of the experience?

  • The good: it is very practical module. For the first time, the assessment method is to share my ideas. Making my own blogs is really interesting, which encourage me to analysis the situation of current digital business.
  • The negative part of experience is that I have less discussion with my classmates in reality.

Analysis: What can I made of it all?

  • What I did well: I have experienced an innovative learning method on Future Learn. On the platform I consider myself as an active participant by sharing my opinions about the topics and carefully reviews other persons’ ideas.
  • Actually, nothing went wrong during the study but I sill need to improve my online communication skills, such as video and infographic.

Conclusion: What I have done else

The module help me manage my time more efficiently and strengthen my ability of self-learning.

Action plan: What should I improve next time

The majority of my comments are about my own ideas about a particular topics. The interaction with other students are not enough. Next time, I would like to carry out the discussion on the future learn, rather than just simply reply to others.

What I will do in the future

The following video will provide a brief idea how to apply what I learn in the module to career life in the future!


Gibbs, G. (1988). Learning by doing: A guide to teaching and learning methods. Oxford: Further Education Unit, Oxford Polytechnic.


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